Moving in together: 6 Tips on How to manage the finances

moving in together finance tips

Move in together without stress: with these six financial tips

You said yes – not (yet) to the registry office, but to the shared apartment. What are you up to now? We give tips on how to move in together in a financially relaxed manner, without any arguments. Good news first: A larger shared apartment is cheaper on average than renting two smaller ones. The household itself also saves money because you no longer have to pay twice for streaming, television, and the like. And also? Here’s an overview of moving costs – plus six tips for you and the undisturbed peace of the house.

Tip 1: Keep a household book

It may sound bourgeois, but it is enormously helpful, especially at the beginning. Important here: list all expenses, even minimal amounts such as coffee on the go. Easy with account statements and receipts, there are also lots of apps that make entries very easy. Once you get into a routine after a few weeks, you can divide your expenses into different categories and thus see at a glance where a lot of money is going.

Tip 2: Set priorities

Of course, a large part of the money goes into rent, insurance, electricity, water, etc. Here it is worth talking about priorities and attitudes from the start (“green” electricity provider? Higher water costs because of the indoor plants? Lots of streaming or gaming? Largest possible Insurance protection or basic security?).

Tip 3: Clarify the relationship

By that, we don’t mean that about your partner, but the division of expenses. Halve? Or a certain percentage of income to even out salary differences?

Tip 4: Observe behavior

Observe yourself: where do you spend (too) much money? Where is there still potential for savings? This is not only good for your own account, but also for the common household. Speaking of accounts: more on that in the next tip.

Tip 5: Set up an account

Joint account – yes or no? You can only decide that for yourself together. We recommend: Setting up a joint account in addition to your own. So you can both independently manage salary and separate expenses; common ones are deducted from the common account. You keep track and do not have to offset or remind each other of payments. Monthly standing order to the household account, from which rent etc. is debited or the necessary cash is withdrawn, is particularly practical.

Tip 6: Save together

You cleared the expenses. And now? Set up a joint savings plan. In this way, you can put money aside together – for bigger goals in the future, such as your own house, a long break, or joint self-employment.