What to do when the baby coughs

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Coughing is a way of defending the body against microbes, including babies. In this way, the accumulated mucus is eliminated and the air can circulate better. However, in certain situations it is an alarming symptom. The cause of excessive coughing in babies can be a viral infection of the respiratory tract such as nasopharyngitis, bronchitis, bronchiolitis, laryngitis, sinusitis and pneumonia. In some cases, it is correlated with gastroesophageal reflux, asthma, or allergy.

How to avoid complications

In children under 6 months of age, a cough is a serious reason to contact a pediatrician urgently. It can indicate pneumonia, which at this age can get worse in a very short time, in the absence of treatment. To avoid that the condition descends to the level of the bronchi, you must act quickly. In addition to a specialist medical consultation, clean his crib with physiological serum 3-4 times a day, ventilate his room and avoid overheating by maintaining an ambient temperature of 19°C. Place the baby in a sitting position or, if he still cannot maintain this position by himself, raise the mattress of the crib a little or walk him in an ergonomic carrying system. It is recommended to be well hydrated.

Mention all symptoms to the doctor

In order to establish a correct diagnosis, it is necessary to specify absolutely all the symptoms that you observe in the little one. Any change in his health is important to determine the cause. In addition to coughing, fatigue caused by this can also appear, as well as fever, lack of appetite, wheezing. Take into account the fact that in the case of a baby under the age of 3 months diagnosed with bronchiolitis, hospitalization may be needed. Therefore, the cough should not be overlooked.

When emergency intervention is needed

If he happens to swallow an object or food that gets stuck and prevents him from breathing, call the emergency service 112. Although the child will cough, naturally, involuntarily, trying to clear his airways, sometimes there is a risk that the little one object to descend and stop the passage of air to the lungs, which leads to suffocation.

Correct treatment measures

Usually, the cough is a symptom that disappears after 10 days. If it does not stop, do not hesitate to contact the pediatrician. Regarding children younger than 2 years old, who have a productive cough, it is advisable not to intervene with any syrup or other treatment, to allow the discharge of secretions. Every time, ask for the advice of the child’s family doctor, in order not to worsen the condition that the little one suffers from. And treatment with drugs administered through the aerosol device can lead to the lowering of secretions at the level of the lungs, therefore it is advisable to always have a doctor’s recommendation.


Avoid smoking around the baby, especially when he is coughing.