PHOTO Twins born on the same day, but conceived on different dates. How can you get pregnant when you are already pregnant?

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The doctors described Rebecca Roberts’ pregnancy as an unusual one and what differentiates it from others is the superfetation, the fact that the mother in question managed to get pregnant when she was already pregnant. Moreover, she managed to conceive another child three weeks after conceiving the first child, representing the largest age difference in such twins.

Rebecca Roberts and Rhys Weaver have been trying to become parents for years and were overjoyed when she got pregnant. But they didn’t expect to have twins! And what twins!

Doctors discovered Roberts was pregnant with her second child when she showed up for her first fetus’s 12-week ultrasound. It seems that there is a three-week age difference between the two twins, according to ABC News.

“We were absolutely shocked to discover we had two babies in the womb instead of one!” said Rebecca. “Then they told me there was a three-week age difference between the two children, which initially shocked even the doctors.”

Dr. David Walker diagnosed the pregnancy as a superfetation, which means a new pregnancy occurs when there is already one. Such cases are very rare and assume that the woman’s eggs are released twice and are fertilized and implanted in the uterus twice. It seems that Rebecca’s pregnancy is the one with the biggest age difference between twins.

“In the first instance, I thought about how my twins escaped during the first ultrasound”, declared Dr. Rebeccai. “Then I realized it wasn’t my fault, it was a very special assignment!” Walker added.

Due to the COVID restrictions, the father of the babies could not be present at the ultrasound that discovered the second twin. Rhys stayed in the parking lot of the gynecology clinic and when he found out that he was, in fact, having two children, he couldn’t believe it. The two future parents had to take into account the fact that the pregnancy was a special one and that the second fetus might not survive the entire period of the pregnancy.

But all’s well that ends well! Twins Noah and Rosalie were born on the same day, but the younger twin was still at risk even after birth. The doctors induced Rebbeca’s birth at 33 weeks, when they found that Rosalie had stopped growing. The little girl stayed in intensive care for 95 days, but was then discharged with high hopes that she would have a life as normal as possible.

“They are my super-twins! Every time I look at them, I think how lucky we are to have them!”, declared the new mother excitedly.

Photo – Shutterstock, Instagram