The family – An unshakable core


The above is something I believe and advocate first as a mother and then as a daughter. There is nothing more important than our family as it consists of people who will love and support us no matter what happens.

Parents, who are also the foundations of the family, they are fully devoted to her, always have time for everyone, keep morale high and the family together. These are the people who don’t let anything disturb the peace of the house, are devoted to their children, protect them with all their might and set a good example for everyone.

All of the above was taught to me by my own family from a young age and this is what I do today, having created my own.

An unshakable core. A team that works together in the best possible way for a common purpose. Members who support and help each other and are an integral part of each other. This alone strengthens the bonds within the family and creates strong personalities. Personalities for which we parents are responsible.

In recent years, the institution of the family seems to be shaking. Changes are taking place in the structure and there are several external factors and conditions that seem to affect it.

Children need to learn what family is and what it means

As a mother I believe it is up to me to teach my daughter how to create her own tight knit and complete family. That my husband and I are the example for her. Within our family my daughter will get all the love she needs, all the values ​​and principles that will determine her behavior, choices and path in life. We will support her and stand by her side until she is able to protect herself and assert her rights. We will offer her all the support – material and moral – she needs to slowly open the windows that belong to her in this world.

The family is our refuge

As parents we must teach our children that their family will be their safe haven. No matter what happens, no matter what goes wrong in their lives, they should know that even in the dark days there will be a place, a home, where people will be waiting to hug them, support them, kiss them and remind them that they will always be by their side.