These can be dangerous for your child!

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Every parent wants the best in the world for his child, especially in the first years of life after he started walking, the little one must be constantly monitored in order not to treat various ailments later.

Children, especially in the first 7-10 years of life, need all your attention and care, for them everything is new and according to their characteristic curiosity they will instinctively approach anything that interests them.

Watch out for some toys!

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What is the best way to capture a child’s attention? Correct, with a toy, but it is necessary to be careful which toys you choose to give them because in the first years of life the little ones are tempted to put everything in their mouths.

Especially if they are also light in color, they make all kinds of electronic sounds. Often without realizing it, the toys we choose can have a negative effect on the little one, influencing both his behavior, fear and personality.

In addition to everything that represents electronics or gadgets having that characteristic blue light can affect the vision of the little one, causing injuries to the retina, using a smartphone at a young age or a tablet, deprives him of access to the world around him. In this way, sensory and movement skills are not developed and there will be no real interaction.

The danger behind the walkers

These devices are somewhat of a help especially for mothers who choose to use these walkers to be able to divide between household chores and child care.

But their use can also bring certain damages, in Canada for example these objects are prohibited because they have a high rate of causing injuries to the little ones and support an uneven strengthening of the leg muscles.

Lacking the motivation to walk independently, independent movements will be delayed because the sense of balance is not sufficiently developed.

Commercial drinks

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When it comes to juices, the ones you buy from the trade come with a lack of vitamins and an excess of sugars, thus favoring problems with the teeth and the number of kilograms.

For babies over one year old, it is recommended to serve fresh juices made at home and to eat fruits and vegetables in the form of puree or cream soup.

Another problem is milk, the vast majority of parents opting for cow’s milk, which has a low concentration of iron, so that the baby’s kidneys may suffer and possible anemia may occur.

Clothes that are too thick or too thin

Yes, especially now that it’s cold outside you tend to wrap your little one up, but it’s not recommended at all because too many clothes to keep them warm will prevent the body from developing its defense reactions to temperature changes, which will favors a low immunity.

In addition, the little ones are very active and will sweat frequently, and clothes that are too thick will not help them, on the contrary.