What medicines are you allowed to take during pregnancy?

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What exactly should a pregnant woman do to prevent a cold, how to prevent it, and what is the medication she is allowed to use during pregnancy?

Attention to medication during pregnancy

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From the outset, it’s important for the pregnant woman to be aware that most of the drugs she used to use to end a nagging headache or stomach ache are now completely off-limits, Dr. Vythoulkas pointed out.

However, it is much easier to prevent than to treat and this can be done first of all by avoiding very crowded places, where the exposure is much higher, and last but not least by ensuring a diet rich in vitamin C (vegetables and fruits season – citrus fruits).

Notify the doctor of any pain during pregnancy

If, however, the unpleasant symptoms appeared, it is important for the pregnant woman to notify the doctor who is monitoring her pregnancy, added Dr. Vythoulkas.

In the case of a cold without a fever, all the mother-to-be has to do is drink plenty of fluids – preferably clear vegetable soups, sugar-free compotes, chamomile and/or linden flower teas -, effervescent vitamin C.

If instead, a fever appears, the cold is a little more difficult to treat, this is also because the risk of pregnancy is much higher.

It is very important to see a doctor as soon as the symptoms of fever appear in order to detect the causes that led to its appearance as soon as possible and, above all, to receive appropriate treatment as soon as possible.

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In the first trimester of life, the fetus cannot defend itself

It is the period when the vital organs and systems of the fetus are formed, and some substances that some medicines contain could cause malformations and developmental disorders.

Things change starting from the 16th week when, already formed, the placenta fulfills its role as a barrier against certain harmful substances for the fetus.

But even so, the list of medicines that a pregnant woman can take is very limited and it is important that she does not use self-medication.

medicine during pregnancy

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