Traveling with children: How to successfully pack their suitcase


Mom shared brilliant hack about how she makes and fits everything in her children’s suitcase. It will definitely change the way you pack and your own bags.

Are you getting ready to go away for three days, go to the village for a few days or go on vacation? If so then you should pack your bags. And while you might make your own suitcases in dt time and fit them all in, when it’s the kid’s suitcase turn, then things get difficult.

And here comes Sierra, a mom on TikTok who managed with her hack to help several parents to prepare/make their children’s suitcase and indeed to fit them all in.

Her video starts with some empty polybags and goes on to show that each empty bag corresponds to a day of vacation. In fact, he makes sure to write the day with an indelible marker.

She then shows her preparing her children’s clothes (per set) and putting them in polybags. So in a few minutes, each transparent bag contains underwear, socks, clothes and accessories.

Even if a child goes on a trip alone (to grandma’s, a trip or even to summer camp) with the mommy hack, not only will he not be rummaging through his suitcase to find what to wear, but he will know what to wear and easily – just reading mommy’s notes!

Sierra’s video has been viewed by over a million users, and the comments are proof that many other parents have found this hack useful.

“Really brilliant!!! “

“I think my life just changed watching this video 😂 thank you!”

“OMG I loved it!! Thank you very much! 🥰”

“I did this when my daughter went to camp alone. I really made her life easier 💗”