Treat bloating with proper nutrition


Bloating is usually caused by gastrointestinal disorders or excessive gas production in the stomach. The best way to treat stomach upsets such as bloating, is to identify what causes them.

According to nutritionist Efstathia Papadas, the causes behind this can be many including eating habits, lifestyle, stress and other disorders, such as Irritable Bowel Syndrome.

Dietary changes

Limit lactose consumption

Lactose is a form of disaccharide that, in order to be broken down and absorbed, requires the presence of the enzyme lactase. However, the majority of adults are lactose intolerant, as the levels and activity of lactase are reduced in the body. This results in bloating, gas and even diarrhea. Yoghurt and cheeses naturally contain lower levels of lactose and are usually better tolerated, while if you want to consume milk go for lactose-free milk.


Woman holds her belly with both hands.


Reduce sodium consumption

Sodium is an essential mineral element for the body and the daily needs for adults amount to approximately 2300mg of sodium per day. This amount corresponds to 1 teaspoon of salt. However, excessive sodium consumption can lead to fluid retention, increase the feeling of bloating and later contribute to other health problems such as high blood pressure. For this reason it is important to limit the addition of salt to food, as sodium is already present in large quantities in almost all packaged foods (as a preservative and flavor enhancer) but also naturally in foods (such as vegetables, shellfish, dairy).

Stop bloating with proper nutrition

If you too suffer from constant bloating, watch the video below for the nutritional advice given by Giannis Chrysosou, Clinical Dietitian, Nutritionist, Pr. Hellenic Institute of Nutrition, on the broadcast of ANT-1 ” Health above all” and the Fotini Georgiou.