Tips for moms: Smart tips for storing your winter clothes


The temperature is rising and it’s time to pack away the winter clothes and replace them in your wardrobe with spring and summer clothes.

The whole process is not only pleasant, but since you cannot avoid it, at least make sure it is done correctly and quickly.

Proper preparation

The first step is to sort out the clothes that need washing or dry cleaning. There is no point in laying out your winter clothes on the bed and then finding that more than half of them need washing.


Some clothes need ironing and some don’t. For example, scarves, scarves or other winter accessories can be stored simply by folding them without bothering to iron them.

In general, fold anything that may not lose its shape when hung, and hang anything that will wrinkle when folded. If your closet space allows, hang clothes like down coats and pleated skirts. Otherwise, fold them, but do not put them in vacuum bags and do not overfill the special plastic bags for storage.


Woman keeps folded blankets.


Whether you’re hanging clothes or placing them in boxes and bags, make sure you button and zip up so they keep their shape and prevent creasing.

You fold the sweaters and store them in special bags, taking out as much air as possible. You may need to apply some anti-rust to get them in top condition next winter.

Also, put the heavy clothes at the bottom of the wardrobe and the light ones at the top so they don’t wrinkle. also to smell niceplace in lavender tulle which you can renew from time to time.


Woman puts order in the closet.

Smart tips for storing winter clothes

  • Do a good decluttering before you start tidying up for winter. The clothes you haven’t worn (and not only this year) maybe it’s time to get rid of them.
  • Stuff your shoes or boots with newspaper or paper to keep their shape.
  • Store your clothes in suitcases you don’t use and place them on the top shelf of the closet.
  • Use airtight and vacuum storage bags (you will find them in various sizes).
  • Place lavender sachets on clothes
  • Refresh the cedar by lightly rubbing it.
  • Label both shoe boxes and storage bins so you know what’s in them
  • Put scented sachets in the boxes of winter shoes before storing them.

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