Urinary incontinence is treated

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In women, the most common cause of urinary incontinence is natural childbirth.

With age, incorrect nutrition, antihypertensive treatments and the changes that occur with menopause can favor the installation of stress or urge urinary incontinence.

The treatments are also differentiated according to the type of the condition. But about them, learn more in the following.

When is exercise good?

Muscle exercises, electrostimulation and electromagnetostimulation are indicated in urinary incontinence that occurs with effort.

Who is affected: women who have given birth naturally, overweight people, those with digestive disorders (constipation) or those with chronic cough.

Treatment. Primary urologist Călin Chibelean says: “The first step in the treatment of stress urinary incontinence must be done at the level of behavioral changes, but especially in terms of rehabilitating the tone of the pelvic floor muscles”.

It is about Kegel exercises, for strengthening the pelvic muscles. All you have to do is contract your vaginal muscles, hold for a few seconds, then relax. In the beginning, at least two sets of five minutes a day are effective. Over time, you can increase the number of series.

If there is no change after the exercises, the doctor may recommend physiotherapy, drug treatment or surgery. There are modern methods, 100% effective, such as suburethral strips and the artificial sphincter.

Avoiding chocolate, alcohol or smoking can be indicated in the case of urinary incontinence that occurs as a result of bladder hyperactivity (urge incontinence).

The good news is that this type of urinary incontinence can be easily prevented by making a little order in your habits. Thus, moderate fluid intake, avoid exciting foods or drinks (such as coffee or acidic foods) and adopt a healthy diet rich in fiber (fruits, vegetables, cereals).

When changing your diet and habits doesn’t show any signs, you may be recommended surgery.

The specialist Click! Health advises you

Dr. Călin Chibelean, primary urologist, Clinical Institute of Uronephrology and Renal Transplant Fundeni, Bucharest

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The right treatment can change your life

The reasons why women delay or even avoid seeking medical help are: embarrassment to the doctor, the belief that urinary incontinence is a fatality that normally occurs with age, ignorance or distrust of treatment options, the existence of methods and protection products, or fear of operation.

With a correct diagnosis and a well-adapted treatment, the quality of life of the patients concerned can certainly be improved.

Info: Kegel exercises are effective in over 84% of cases.