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What to keep in mind when choosing baby clothes

What to keep in mind when choosing baby clothes
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Whether they have funny messages or cute designs and bright colors, baby clothes manage to win us over quickly. But it’s not that simple when shopping! Why do you have to be very careful when choosing them? First of all, because a newborn’s skin is more sensitive than an adult’s and not every piece of clothing is good for him. Here’s what you need to keep in mind:

1. Material

A question that mothers frequently ask when buying clothes is whether they are made of 100% natural materials, the most popular being cotton. Using natural materials reduces the risk of irritation. In addition, take into account the fact that a synthetic material does not allow the skin to breathe.

2. Size

Do not stock clothes of the same size because babies grow very fast. When you’re shopping, you can orient yourself by the label, but don’t rely on that alone. In any case, it’s better to buy a slightly bigger coat than a small one, which you won’t use at all. Weight or age? What criterion do you think is more important when choosing baby clothes? Well, the weight! It can vary quite a bit from one child to another, so when you read the label, look for what weight it is suitable for.

3. Season

If you want to buy your little one a hat or a thicker bodysuit, think about how old he will be when it’s cold. Or maybe you saw a gorgeous dress in the window, which you can’t miss! Think carefully not only about the design, but also about the dimensions, so that they are suitable, according to the season in which the little one will wear them.

4. Cut

Even if the label shows that you are getting a coat for a three-month-old baby, it may have a tight cut, especially around the neck. How many times has it happened to me that I can’t put different t-shirts on my little boy because his head doesn’t fit! Of course, I didn’t force him either. So, choose comfortable clothes, easy to put on and, above all, easy to take off.

5. Staples, not buttons

I have nothing against buttons, but staples are more practical. It is much easier for you to change it, the operation being faster, especially in winter when you really have to move faster.

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