What toy to get the child?

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Up to 8 months

Discover colors and sounds

By 3 months, the child discovers sounds and colors. He is attracted by the vivid shades of red, green, orange, but also by contrasting colors (black and white). Starting at four months, he starts to be interested in all the objects around him. And how else to discover them if not by molesting them? And from 6 months, he learns that he also has mittens. From now on, hold on! He will seek to touch and collect any object you entice him with. Starting from 6-8 months, he will try to play with various objects on his own, without your help.


Toys that make noise are best. Found a brightly colored music box? Or a star projector? They will surely attract his attention! In the children’s stores there are also special toys, just good for gnawing.

8-18 months

The world is moving…

Around 8 months of age, it should be supervised when playing. He likes to throw objects, so make sure there are no windows or glass tables around… After 10-12 months, he has fun discovering the world on his little feet: going down and up the stairs seems like a great guide, which it can keep you busy for a while.

At this age you can get him toys that he can push or pull, such as a train or a car (or an ape that can drive it). He will also find games where he has to build something, such as a set of cubes, funny. When you’re babysitting him, you can keep his attention with a floating duckling.

18 months – 3 years

He needs attention. A lot!

Well, now is now! He begins to have his favorite toys, to understand how it is to be a “proprietor”. He will be totally indifferent to the new toys you assail him with, but he cries for the mother of the fire if you don’t bring “Ursila” when he eats or the train is not near his crib before going to bed… Now he needs active games, he needs to to spoil, to tear down. He begins to be fascinated by drawings. Circles, stars, more or less straight lines… In as many colors as possible! And if he still has the sheet of paper in his hand, why not tear it a little… It’s clearly the fun of the day!


At this age, he is fascinated by toys that come apart. Car that turns into a robot? Unbelievable! Toys that represent various animals, in various colors can easily win the status of “favorite toy”. Well, from this age, there is a clear difference between girls and boys when it comes to toys.

3-5 years

“I’m a girl!”

Well, now it is a kind of introduction to the teenage years… The child becomes aware of his sexual identity. Is mom wearing lipstick? Why not give the little girl too? Looks like a pretty fun game! His sexual curiosity grows, hence the avalanche of questions about what boys have, what girls have… Beyond that, the child is more and more excited when it comes to games that involve running and… a lot of energy consumption. Well, now let’s see how you face him!

Now you can start buying him toys that, honestly, you can also use to de-stress a little more… You can fill his room with all kinds of trucks, planes, dolls to imitate his favorite heroes . It’s time to buy him his first group games. From time to time you can give him an evening with a puppet show.

5-6 years

I want to play!

As a preparation for school, he starts to enjoy playing with the other children more and more. He will alternate games by himself, with the help of which he develops his imagination and creativity, with games with other children, which develop his sociability and communication.


In addition to cars, dolls, Lego games, you can buy him puzzles adapted to his age and various books with anecdotes.