First aid for burns in children

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Burns in children are very serious because their skin is very sensitive, much thinner and the effects on the general condition can be unpredictable and fast.

the most common burns are caused by fire and hot liquids. You can treat burns at home only if they are superficial, if they are small and if the general condition of the child remains good.

Any burn caused by hot liquids should be considered a medical emergency. Any burn caused by an open fire is a medical emergency if the child has inhaled smoke. In the case of child burns, removing him from the dangerous place is the first step. Depending on the injured area, the child must be undressed immediately if the clothes have been affected, but very carefully and possibly by cutting the clothes and in no case pulling them off the child because the injuries can be much worse in this case. In the case of superficial injuries of small extent, here are the steps to follow and the rules for providing first aid: 1. Cold water is the best sedative. A burn on the finger, on the palm can be immediately soothed with cold water. The tap water is very good. The water jet should not be strong. Cold water is left to act for a few minutes and is a perfect solution for more serious burns.

2. Calm the child and assess the severity of the injury. The only burns for which you do not need to call an ambulance are first degree burns, if the damaged area is small.

3. The wound is left to dry freely. Never use powders, pomades, or “baby” treatments like oil, butter, egg white. They don’t soothe the sting or speed up healing, but they can superinfect the wound.

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