When cesarean birth is necessary

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Despite the recommendation of the World Health Organization according to which the cesarean birth rate should not exceed 10-15%, 40% of Romanian women give birth this way. Among European countries, we are among the leaders in terms of the percentage of cesarean births. In some of the situations, the mothers were not followed during the pregnancy by any specialist doctor, they did not do any investigation before the birth, and the doctor opts for the operation.

The expectant mother suffers from endometriosis

Although every woman is prepared to give birth naturally, there are exceptions when, in order to give birth to a healthy child, but also to protect the mother’s health, a caesarean section is necessary. A natural birth would bring complications and is contraindicated for a pregnant woman who has been diagnosed with endometriosis and who has undergone surgery in the genital area in the past, already having a uterine scar.

In the case of the existence of chronic diseases

Another situation in which the doctor may decide the need for a caesarean section is the presence of chronic conditions, such as cardiac (hypertension), ophthalmological (advanced myopia), congenital, pulmonary or diabetes. In the situation where the mother makes a great effort during labor, her life and that of the fetus are put in danger.

If complications occur during labor

There are situations in which signs of fetal distress are observed (the baby lacks oxygen and its heartbeat is irregular), as can happen in the case of placental abruption, or in which the membranes have ruptured for more than 12 hours, without appearing contractions or dilation of the cervix. In such cases, the gynecologist may recommend an emergency caesarean section. A similar decision can be taken if the weight of the baby is much higher than the mother’s conformation, of about 4.5 kg. If the fetus is positioned with its head up or to one side, has not exceeded 1.5 kg and labor has started, caesarean section is a better choice.

When my mother gave birth by caesarean section

Although there are also mothers who manage to give birth naturally after a cesarean section, because their health allows it, a previous cesarean birth can be an aspect that convinces the doctor to recommend an operation. Thus, the risk of a possible uterine rupture during labor will be eliminated. The advanced age of the mother, over 40 years, her small height, up to 1.5 m height, the placement of the placenta in the lower part of the uterus, which makes it difficult to expel it during birth, are other data that support the option of surgical birth.

Partial recovery after a caesarean section lasts between 2 and 4 weeks, and total recovery only after 2 months from the time of the surgical intervention. There is also a risk of complications. Since it is a surgical intervention with anesthesia, the main complications are uterine infections, surgical injuries, significant blood loss, urinary difficulties, genital, pulmonary, cardiac complications.