Why does precocious puberty occur?

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Early puberty is called precocious puberty and is increasingly common in recent years. Early puberty is characterized by the development of children’s sexual characteristics. In some situations, precocious puberty can occur in girls even around the age of 8, and in boys at 9 years. But early puberty does not only involve physical development, but also changes in the child’s psyche.

Overweight, one of the causes of puberty

One of the reasons that lead to the emergence of this early development is the child’s diet. Unlike in the past, cases of overweight are much more common, that’s why the changes appear. Even from 8-9 years old, girls can have menstruation, and boys can have a hoarse voice, facial hair appears, and testicles grow in size. In addition to the food factor, hormonal, genetic and psycho-emotional factors are among the possible causes of early puberty. Hormonal influence is usually triggered by changes in brain structures. Thus, the secretion of gonadotrophins (hormone secreted by the pituitary gland) leads to the appearance of signs of early puberty.

Attention to the food in the trade!

Commercial foods can also be to blame when it comes to triggering precocious puberty. Because of the food additives in the content, the food does nothing but stimulate the secretion of growth hormone. In addition, the harmful substances contained lead to the emergence of various health problems of the child.

Ask for specialist advice

To find out exactly what is the cause of early puberty, it is best to ask for the advice of a specialist. You can go to the endocrinologist who can determine whether it is a genetic problem or whether precocious puberty is triggered by a certain condition. Depending on the diagnosis received, you can resort to drug treatment, or you can change the diet of the child or even the whole family. Another recommendation is sports. After discussing and determining what your child’s preferences are, you can opt for a certain type of physical activity. Sport is the key element in the further development of the child.

Info: In some cases, brain trauma suffered by the child can lead to early puberty.

Advice: It is best to explain to him the transformations that will occur, so that he is not scared.

Communicate with him a lot and don’t expect him to understand and easily accept all the changes that may occur.

Being by his side, he will understand what puberty entails and will more easily get over this transitional period between childhood and adolescence.