The teenager, master of his room

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“Problems start to appear at 14-15 years for girls and at 15-17 years for boys. It is the characteristic period of great emotions and soul turmoil, of great psychological and biological changes. They easily go from anger to melancholy, and sympathy for the opposite sex acquires different valences. This is the reason why they tend to withdraw into a universe of their own, not understood by adults. Their room is the place where they can express themselves freely, which offers them comfort, security, privacy”, explains Mihaela Vintilă, psychologist at Clinic Ameta (0727.624.689).

Therefore, the room must be customized. They will wallpaper their walls with posters of their favorite stars and place their favorite objects that reflect their passions. Let them manifest! But up to a point.

“Parents must intervene only when teenagers exaggerate with posters representing aggressive images, when they do not keep order and the room becomes too crowded, too dark. But I don’t recommend to intervene abruptly, but to calmly explain what is good and what is not”, adds the psychologist. The room should be bright, with simple, light, modern furniture. Involve him in arranging the room, so that the teenager is responsible, loves the place.

How do you behave when he has guests

Don’t barge into your teen’s room when she has guests over to tell them to quiet down or that it’s time to do their homework. These observations must be made to your daughter in private. If parents treat their children with respect, they too will behave civilized.

They will even be proud of their parents when the latter come to serve them with a juice and a cookie, they chat for a few minutes, then retire. Every time you have to knock on the door. Even when there are no guests.

At this age, the young man talks a lot with friends on the phone, on the Internet, and would feel exposed if someone came running in without knocking on the door. Also, if he tends to listen to too loud music, before you forbid this, explain to him that some people in the block, elderly or children, could be disturbed.

How do you clean his room

The general cleaning in the house is usually done by the mother. In order not to reproach him later for messing up her things and for invading her privacy, she must announce to him the cleaning day, ask him to put his things in order and consult with him about access points.

The teenager must have the security of privacy, have the impression that he is the master in his room, but the mother must control him, from the shadows. In his absence, it’s good to walk them through the drawers to discover things that are not allowed, but without calling them later. At the same time, the young man must do a maintenance cleaning, which makes him responsible.