Why shouldn’t you put the child’s name on the bag?


Once you’ve bought almost everything needed for school and kindergarten, you’re ready to put labels on them. Even if your teacher asks you to label the outside of your schoolbag, there is a reason why you should never do this.

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Buying back-to-school supplies can cost you a lot, and organizing everything can take some time. The stage of preparing for kindergarten and school can be difficult, especially if you multiply the necessary by two or three if you have more children.

The first thing you do is make sure everything on the list is checked off and labeled, because the last thing you want is to lose anything you took. Small children can forget them at school. Learning to be responsible for their belongings is something that requires patience and guidance from you and the teachers. It’s one of the reasons parents are asked to label everything. At the end of the class, they will know to whom any forgotten object belongs.

Pay attention to the identification information written on the outside of the bag!

Labeling your child’s backpack with the name visible at the top of the bag is a way to help educators, teachers, professors and parents know which one belongs to your child. It is especially useful at the end of the kindergarten or school day, when the children are in a hurry to go home. Departure can become chaotic as children try to gather their belongings, put on their clothes and line up for the exit. However, it can be a mistake to label the schoolbag where everyone can clearly see the child’s name. Someone may read their name and use this to make it seem like they know the child by addressing them by name. The child may think it is okay to ride with someone or get into their car.

How to label your child’s belongings safely

It is certainly useful that the objects belonging to your child are quickly identified, to avoid them getting lost or quarrels between classmates. The easiest way not to put your child in danger is to write down the name or important dates inside the schoolbag and backpack, so that it is not easily identifiable. Any teacher or parent can take a look inside, but it won’t be visible to strangers on the street.

Teach him to refuse unsolicited help from adults

It’s vital to teach your child that it’s okay to refuse help from adults they don’t know. If someone offers to go somewhere with him or touch him inappropriately, teach him to say no, run away and tell a trusted adult what happened.

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