A birth story, a love story


“Wow. Just look at these two. The way he looks at her, the way he holds her, the way he supports her… And all this while she is doing this great, brave, great job. I love the elastic on his wrist too. He was ready to help her in any way she needed.

Your wedding photos will always be special… and so will your family photos on the wall… but there’s something special about giving birth that takes away all the artifice, posing and planning.

Maternity photos are some of the best photos that capture the love, bonding and intimacy you have with your partner.

Childbirth stories are love stories after all”

The above text was written by the photographer on her Instagram Monet Nicole. The photographer has many years of experience and has photographed hundreds of women’s births. For her, childbirth is a unique experience, which cannot be compared to any other and which changes every woman who experiences it.

On her profile she posts photos of births in the maternity hospital, at home, in the water. Her followers number in the hundreds of thousands, and the captivating snaps she posts aren’t the only reason. At the same time, she shares her experiences, thoughts and stories of mothers.

The photographer has also shared photos from her own birth. In the post below he writes, among other things:

“There is no right way to bring your baby into the world. Every birth is different. Every baby is different”