Healthy ways to prepare food for diversification

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From my experience so far, diversification is the cornerstone of the child’s later eating habits. The more the little one is used to eating as healthy and varied as possible, the more you will have every chance to have a child who does not indulge in food and who will not ask you for fried potatoes, pizza or schnitzel at every meal. I was able to give my first child only what he wanted at each meal, being stressed that nothing would go into his stomach. I was just like the caring grandmothers! With the second child, I didn’t have so much to think about and stress about, and I applied the rule: eat well at the table, don’t eat, see you at the next meal. He probably felt what was being prepared for him and chose the option to eat.

And, more than that, because I offered him a varied and healthy diet, he formed very healthy eating habits. Between a plate on which steamed green broccoli is beautifully placed and one on which a slice of breaded cheese is sitting, he will choose the former.

Healthy food is primarily based on healthy ingredients. Babies need as many fruits and vegetables as possible, preferably from the country garden. If you can’t find a reliable source of supply, try the option of organic stores.

The quantities you use to prepare baby food are quite small, which means it won’t cost you a fortune. In addition, every penny spent on your child’s food is an investment in his health.

Then, choose all the cereals you can find in a store, with the amendment that until 9-10 months you should only give the baby the gluten-free versions.

Beef, turkey or chicken are among the ingredients needed for diversification. And here, it would be preferable to choose country meat as much as possible. Be very careful, choose the meat of a young animal, but not really chicken (chicken, turkey or milk veal) because it contains certain unhealthy hormones for your child’s diet.

Fruits and vegetables are said to be very nutritious when eaten raw. However, in the first months of diversification, the baby’s digestive system is not fully developed and some of these could be difficult to digest. Meat, eggs and some cereals must be thermally prepared, and as best as possible.

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