Tips for moms: What you can do with a paint brush


Paint brushes in various sizes are extremely practical in more ways than one.

A simple brush can make cooking, cleaning and even stain removal much easier!

Let’s see in detail how and where you can use it:

For dusting

The brush proves particularly effective when you need to remove dust from difficult places such as between the rails of the balcony door, the radiator, the blinds.

Also, if you have elaborate lighting fixtures, the brush is ideal for dusting as well as cleaning wicker furniture or baskets and all kinds of wood carvings. Choose a brush with soft bristles for dusting delicate objects such as porcelain or carved wood figurines.

For marinating

A small brush with synthetic bristles can be invaluable in the kitchen. You can use it to marinate roasts, spread a pie or other food. You can also use it on the barbecue while grilling burgers and steaks. Additionally, a brush is easier to clean than most conventional pastry brushes.

For stain removal

Make your life easier and use a small brush to apply liquid removing stains from clothes, on the sheets, on the sofas and even on the mattress. This way the stain comes off more easily.

For the crumbs

Whenever the kitchen table or counter is full of crumbs, a brush is all it takes to pick them up quickly and efficiently. You can keep a wide brush permanently in the kitchen for this purpose.