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Cherries: The benefits for skin, sleep and weight management

Cherries: The benefits for skin, sleep and weight management

Cherries are one of the favorite summer fruits. They are sweet, juicy and can be eaten plain or used in many sweet and snack recipes.

The benefits for the body are multiple.

They fight insomnia

Cherries contain melatonin which is also known as the “sleep hormone”. It is produced by the endocrine gland of the brain, the pineal gland, and is released mainly in the evening hours. Melatonin secretion chemically induces sleepiness by lowering body temperature and depressing the nervous system.

If you want to lose some pounds, cherries deserve a place in your diet. They are low in calories, rich in vitamins that boost metabolism and have a high water content that removes toxins from the body.

They reduce hypertension

Cherries are a good source of potassium and help remove excess sodium content from the body, balancing the amount of potassium and sodium that automatically helps maintain blood pressure levels

They prevent cardiovascular diseases

The antioxidants contained in cherries are called anthocyanins which reduce the levels of bad cholesterol that causes inflammation.

They have anti-aging properties

You can make a homemade mask with cherries simply by doing the following: Put some cherries in the multi and add some turmeric and honey. Beat the ingredients for a few seconds and spread the mixture on your face. Leave the mask on and rinse with plenty of water.

They give energy

Cherries are a source of energy and consuming them as a snack or in your morning meal will give you the boost you need to cope with the demands of the day.

They balance the pH of the stomach

Cherries can be helpful in balancing Ph levels by neutralizing it and preventing stomach problems such as acidity or indigestion.

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