Home Mom Tips for moms: Eight foods without an expiration date

Tips for moms: Eight foods without an expiration date

Tips for moms: Eight foods without an expiration date

There are foods with a long shelf life as well as those without an expiration date. Generally you can consume them without fear without worrying about their suitability.

Let’s look at the eight most famous:


Honey contains special enzymes that inhibit the growth of bacteria. Keep the container tightly closed to avoid crystallization and in a dark, cool cupboard. Even if the honey “crystallizes”, put the jar in a bowl of hot water and gently stir until it melts.

Organic White Uncooked Rice And Dried Basmati Rice Plant On Wooden Table
There are many varieties of rice, however, white rice is the most common.



Rice, of any type, keeps for years. Just make sure to store it in a tightly closed container so that insects don’t nest inside. The only exception is brown rice, which has natural oils that make it go rancid faster.

Instant coffee

Unlike freshly ground beans, instant coffee contains no moisture. So it can be kept for a long time as long as no air passes through the lid.

White vinegar

Because of its high acidity, a large bottle of white, distilled vinegar will remain unchanged to the last drop. Which is very good considering that you use it not only for cooking but also for cleaning the house.

White vinegar with baking soda and lemon.

Vanilla extract

The pure, 100% real vanilla extract that flavors all our favorite desserts proves to be particularly durable due to its alcohol content that keeps it fresh (and fragrant) for a long time.


Salt, or sodium chloride, is a naturally occurring mineral found in the earth. So it’s no big surprise that this spice stays fresh. Iodization, however, reduces shelf life to about five years, so watch out for sea salt.

Dried beans

Legumes have a long shelf life. Even if they turn yellow, their quality and taste are not affected, according to experts. Keep them in jars or containers, and eat them without fear.

Sugar has no expiration date.



Sugar – white, brown or even powdered – never spoils because no bacteria grows. Even if it petrifies, it is suitable for consumption.

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