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Grew. Talk to him about sex?

Grew.  Talk to him about sex?
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Yes, you don’t even know when the time has passed! Your child is now a teenager and the time has come for some questions to be answered. The child’s transition to adolescence can be marked by “noisy” changes in behavior.

That is why the “complicity” between parent and child may disappear during this period. However, this is not a cause for concern! It is normal for the teenager to delimit his space. If you respect his privacy and treat him like a mature person, you won’t have any communication problems.

Other customs…

You find with amazement that his preferences have changed: he likes to spend more time alone in his room or to go out with friends. It is important to understand that this detachment is a way of defining one’s personality. This so-called independence, so ostentatiously displayed, does not mean, however, that he no longer needs advice or some information.

Many “curiosities”…

Some parents have a feeling of nostalgia when they “confront” their child’s sexuality. For them, the adolescent’s first sexual experience marks the exit from childhood heaven. This is the moment when the teenager has even more “curiosities”. To establish communication bridges with him, you need to be aware of what he likes or interests him. For example, reading the same magazines or watching the same series. They can be a good opportunity to start a dialogue where you can touch on the embarrassing “issues”.

Let him choose

No parent can avoid discussions with the child. Specialists have some useful tips in this regard. Trust the child! Even if you are afraid of what might happen to him, tell him that he will always know how to make the best choices. You can also talk to him about the risks of early sex life, contraceptives, sexually transmitted diseases.

Hard decisions to make

At the age of adolescence, the child can put you in the most unexpected situations, for which you are not ready to make decisions. For example, to let you know that his girlfriend will stay in his room overnight. Therefore, you have only one way: follow your instinct – there are no predetermined rules. If you have a hard time making a decision, simply ask your child: “What decision would you make if you were in my place?”.

Is he ready for sex?

Many teenagers want to experience a sexual relationship in order to be in step with the “fashion” or not to be the target of friends’ jokes. So the parents have the difficult task of finding out if the teenager really feels that the time has come to take this step and to discuss with him the possible implications (a sexual relationship does not necessarily mean emotional fulfillment). Tell him that this step should only be taken if he feels he is emotionally ready.

It is good to be informed

Young people have access to many channels for information about sexually transmitted diseases or contraceptive methods. This makes your work somewhat easier, but does not absolve you from approaching the subject. If he is informed, he will be safe from many risks and temptations.

Doctor Click! advises you

A teenager today has access to more information about sex, but that doesn’t mean he’s asking fewer questions. You won’t be able to have an open discussion about sex if the only way you communicate is through platitudes, superficial questions and answers. Start by creating a connection with him.

Be prepared for honesty. Whatever the child says, don’t try to get him on the “right” path by forbidding him things, because that way you’re only calming your conscience, not solving the situation. Be open and see him as an equal. Teach your child to understand the consequences of his possible decisions.


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