What you need to know about the first sexual contact

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How do you part with your virginity?
Research in the field appreciates that the summer months are preferred by young people to say “goodbye” to virginity. And the explanation comes by itself if we think about vacations, parties or high school proms. But the vast majority of teenagers go on the road armed only with the desire to explore their partner’s body. It is not enough to want to start your sex life (some young people do it just to brag in the group of friends), you have to know what are the physical and emotional implications that can occur after the first sexual contact. Before moving on to practice, be sure you have answered all your questions about the anatomy of the human body, female and male psychosexuality, and sexually transmitted diseases (STDs). Especially if the partner with whom you start your sexual life has some active experience. Be very careful and do not ignore problems related to body hygiene. Complications that may appear later, such as infections caused by various bacteria, will cut off the momentum and euphoria with which you start your sexual life. Chlamydia, herpes, genital warts, HIV/AIDS are among the most common sexually transmitted diseases that you must avoid.

Good. You have learned about everything you need to know about how to start your sex life right. You are aware of the importance of foreplay and have set everything up for a romantic atmosphere. But don’t forget that girls need more tenderness, for most of them virginity represents a stage with more spiritual than physical value. A failure would automatically attract separation.

Adolescents know that if the girl is a virgin, penetration should hurt and end with the breaking of the hymen (thin membrane that is at the level of the vaginal opening) and related bleeding. In some young women, however, the hymen can be so thin that it breaks long before, due to the use of internal tampons. Often, the hymen is very elastic, so bleeding may be absent.

Due to a lack of information, some teenagers who do not see the “signs” of a successful sexual act tend to accuse their partner of not being at the first sexual experience.

In the case of girls, they should not expect too many experiences and sensations with the first sexual contact. Excited and excited, the boys, on the other hand, are not able to control the hormonal “army” very well and find themselves ejaculating before it starts. That’s why it’s good to ask as many questions as possible before the first sexual act, in order to know how to get over the situations that can put you in a shameful light towards your partner.

If you are in front of the right person, who inspires your confidence, relax, be tender, understanding and receptive to your partner’s wishes!