He started his sex life

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This proves how important communication between parents and children is, if you have created a bond between you and can openly discuss this topic.

Sex is not a taboo subject

Teenagers reproach us for not understanding them because of the difference between generations. In order not to repeat the mistakes of our parents, go back in time and remember what bothers you. In our time, to use an expression used by our parents and grandparents, sex was not discussed.

Don’t repeat the mistake! Share the tasks with your husband: the fathers talk to the boys, the mothers talk to the girls. Today’s children have a much faster pace of development, the menstrual cycle starts even at 8-9 years old, and girls need to know that they can get pregnant if they don’t take protective measures.

Use accessible language

Talking to your child about sex means explaining his responsibilities, the consequences of the decisions he will make, what is moral and what is not. Discussions about sex must be conducted in a normal, relaxed tone and with words understandable to the teenager.

Too many medical terms, which he does not understand, can scare him or bore him. It is true that access to the Internet gives young people the opportunity to find out all kinds of information, but you can help them interpret it correctly. Advice! During the discussion, ask him as often as possible what he thinks and avoid using a moralizing tone. Make him understand the importance of protection

Nowadays, when infection with HIV or the hepatitis C virus represents a huge danger, because it can cause fatal complications, it is mandatory to explain to your child the importance of using protection methods.

In addition to the danger of sexually transmitted infections, a pregnancy at this age will mark the teenager’s destiny. It is an enormous responsibility, involving both partners, their families and the little one coming into the world. There are things that young people, caught in the thrill of first love, don’t really have time to think about.

Sex is not love

At their age, teenagers often confuse sex with love. Many times, girls are asked, as a proof of love, to agree to have sex with their boyfriend. In fact, he only wants to have sex.

Regardless of whether we are parents of a girl or a boy, we must explain to them that love means care and respect for the other, closeness of soul, tenderness and, above all, not to hurt the other. Teach him the principles that will guide him in life, tell him that decisions are not made based on what friends do or say, and that love and desire are not the same thing.

Don’t give him sermons!

At the risk of becoming boring, because everyone talks about communication, but we don’t know how many pay it the attention it deserves, we say again: listen to your child when he has something to say and talk to him when you feel he needs to be listened to someone. Don’t lecture him, try to understand him and show him that you are interested in the way he thinks.