How do you help your child’s immunity? (P)

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It is essential that you ensure that the immunity of the little one is prepared for these “attacks”. With a strong immunity, your child is protected from unpleasant consequences both for his health and for your peaceful days. Any parent can strengthen their children’s immunity through a few simple and handy measures: ensure a healthy diet, a peaceful and restful sleep, organize sports activities for them as often as possible and make sure they have proper hand hygiene. Coming to the family’s aid, Fiterman Laboratories thought of a simple solution: the range Proimmunitythe most complex formula for strengthening immunity.
Proimmunity contains standardized natural extracts traditionally used to strengthen immunity and shorten the period of illness (echinacea, propolis, shock, rose hip, zinc, vitamin D3, vitamin C). Also, the product has immunostimulating, antiviral, antibacterial, antioxidant and anti-inflammatory action. Range Proimmunity it is presented in the form of two products, adapted to each age. • Proimmunity syrup: recommended for children aged from 1 year; thanks to the pleasant taste and the dosing syringe, it is convenient to administer and easily accepted by the little ones. • Proimmunity capsules: administered to children over 7 years old and adults.
Proimmunity decreases by: – ​​50% the number of sick days – 62% the number of fever days – 57% the need to use antibiotics – 55% the number of illnesses – 56% the incidence of cold episodes Find out more at