How do you react to your child’s tics?

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Some tics are acquired out of boredom, but there is also a more worrying variant, when the child is scared or has gone through a traumatic experience. Most of the time, tics go away on their own. Find out what you can do in such situations.

He sucks his finger

Why: Try to look at the world from the perspective of the little one and you will see how important the feeling of security is. The finger is like a foothold that will never leave him. What to do: In general, the little ones give up this habit on their own around the age of 3, when they start to realize that their parents will protect them in all conditions. You can teach him by enrolling him in a dance class, buying him an age-appropriate puzzle, or communicating with him so he’ll be forced to respond to you.

He plays with his hair

Why: It’s one of the most common tics of children, actually a way for them to relieve stress. What to do: Most of the parents start by drawing their children’s attention, and when they don’t understand with a kind word, they resort to punishments.

But these strategies only make the little ones stubborn. In this case, a change in the daily routine is recommended, to eliminate stress, but also the extra energy. An hour of playing in the park can do wonders, and for anxious states, reading a story or listening to a song on mute can have a calming effect.