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How to get your child to love sports

How to get your child to love sports
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If we, the adults, do exercise consciously of its benefits, how do we determine the little ones to do a sport without doing it out of obligation, without it being an effort? And possibly to remain constant in the choices made.

Own example

Your child needs to see you active. Going out to the park or on a trip gives you the opportunity to exercise and play volleyball, football, tennis or badminton.

Reasons to practice a sport

Is he complaining about being short? A sport that swimming helps him grow in height If you notice that he lacks self-confidence, suggest a team sport. He will surely make friends and gain courage.

Motivate him to win

It is good to develop his competitive spirit, encouraging him to play a team sport. Besides the joy of winning. Football, volleyball, basketball are just some of the sports that can help him learn what team spirit is. When he loses, help him move on and convince him to train more.


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