How do you teach your little one to be disciplined during the holidays?

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In order to enjoy the magic of the holidays in peace, you must apply some very simple rules, and the first of them is about elections.

You know very well that in life everything is about the choices you make, so if you want your child to become a responsible person. When they are small they tend to ask for a lot of things, which is why it is necessary to talk to him and explain to him in his understanding and then let him make the final choice.

The letter to Santa

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It’s nice to see many presents under the Christmas tree, but ideally everyone should have only one present.

That is why it is necessary to help the little one to make the difference between what he lacks, what he wants and what he really needs.

Although you know that he wants a lot of toys, teach him to be bought from a young age, and the tantrums accompanied by nervous breakdowns will disappear.

On this occasion, you will definitely find out what Santa must bring. His joy will be much greater when he sees that Santa brought him something extra just because he was obedient and frugal.

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It helps to differentiate between need and want

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You know very well that the imagination of the little ones is very rich, when he writes a letter for Santa, make sure that his requirements are fully understood.

Explain to him the benefit of realistic wishes, which will come to his aid. This way you will avoid his disappointment when he unwraps the gift.

If he wants a unicorn as a pet, and especially a live one, it is clear that he is not clear about the difference between these two aspects.

Teach him to share on holidays

This period is wonderful not only because you receive gifts, but you also give your turn, so why not teach your child this beautiful action.

During this period you can clean his clothes together and also go to a center for underprivileged children together and make them happy.

You will notice that he will be happy and at the same time he will feel proud of his deed. In this way, compassion for others will develop and you will feel good helping those around you. That’s how you will know that he will become a good man, merciful and with a beautiful soul.

Help him grow up beautifully and see the beauty in simple things.

Charitable actions will help him value even more what he will receive and in the future it will be easier for him to make choices, asking for exactly what is strictly necessary.