How ovulation tests help you

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The ovulation test is performed on the basis of urine samples. It determines whether the level of luteinizing hormone (HL) in the urine has increased, which happens a day or two before ovulation.

If the increased presence of this hormone is detected, it means that you are in your fertile period, both on the day of detection and the next. So, it is the best time to make love with your partner to get pregnant.

How it is performed

Such a test is available in several models, depending on the manufacturing company, and can be purchased at any pharmacy. It is carried out according to the prospectus, at any time of the day.

The mandatory condition to find out the fertile period by this method is to know how long your menstrual cycle lasts. The interpretation of these ovulation tests is done according to the instructions that appear on the leaflet.

And ultrasound can help you

A woman can find out if she is in her fertile period by other methods. I can refer to medical analyzes of hormonal dosage, the most reliable indicator of ovulation.

And following a pelvic ultrasound, this can be found out, but it must be performed in several days. Ovulation is the development and release of an egg, suitable to be fertilized by sperm. The ovulation period is usually in the middle of the interval between two periods. An egg lives between 12 and 24 hours.

Ovulation tests can be bought from the pharmacy.