Less time in front of the TV? Here are some tricks!

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For a large part of the parents, it is convenient for the television to keep them occupied while they do not have the necessary time at their disposal. The ritual is all the more suitable as it does not present any apparent danger, unlike the games in the park or those in front of the block.

However, specialists are increasingly sounding the alarm about the time children spend in front of the television. A study carried out in 2010, in which 1,314 minors participated, showed that many of the 2-4 year olds who watch TV end up doing less and less exercise and being overweight.

As many activities as possible together

In the trade, parents can find all kinds of toys that imitate electromechanical devices or other objects that are used for cleaning. A good option with which you can replace the TV is to involve the child in as many activities as possible that you have as a parent.

For example, if the mother vacuums, she can buy the little one a toy vacuum cleaner. Thus, the time spent together helps to strengthen the relationship even more, and the little one can take part in the parent’s activities.

In addition to learning new things, the child feels useful, which helps to strengthen self-confidence.

The basket with special activities

Another way you can limit the time spent in front of the TV is to make a basket of special activities with your child. Put in the basket picture books, puzzles, but also many games specific to his age.

Keep the basket in a place where the little one does not have access and take it out when you are very busy. Such an activity can keep the child away from the television for some time.

Call for educational CDs

CDs with stories or educational lessons are a much better alternative to spending free time than watching TV.

In addition to the fact that such variations help to develop listening skills, your favorite story or interactive lessons bring much more benefits than those offered by TV shows or cartoons.

Tips to limit your TV time

Choose only educational shows

Parents who are very busy and have no other alternative for their little one than the TV can use a trick that pays off. Choose from the program grid the shows and cartoons from which the little ones can learn new things and don’t leave them in front of the TV screen for more than that. Thus, the parent can get the necessary time to solve urgent problems, and the little one has access only to quality information.

Avoid advertising traps

Children see more than 40,000 commercials a year on television, according to a study by the American Academy of Pediatrics. Especially since many of the commercials feature unhealthy food products or things specific to adults, it is best for the parent to choose TV channels that do not contain commercials, or to co-opt the little one for the activities they have.

The father, a suitable example

It is not for nothing that it is said that the power of example brings benefits in most cases. It is known that the parent is the best model for the child. That’s why, as a parent, avoid spending time in front of the TV and explain to him in his understanding what the advantages and disadvantages are. A good way to limit the time spent in front of the TV screen is to put the TV in the living room, not in the child’s or parents’ room.