How to strengthen the immune system during pregnancy

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During the entire period of pregnancy, the expectant mother must pay maximum attention to body care. The good development of the fetus depends on it.

The little one assimilates the vitamins, minerals and nutrients necessary for harmonious growth and the development of a strong immune system through the umbilical cord.

However, in most cases, nutrient deficiencies occur. To combat them, the specialist recommends expectant mothers to follow a balanced diet, based on vegetables and fresh fruits, depending on the season.

How to strengthen the immune system during pregnancy:

Also, a pregnant woman must take, on the doctor’s recommendation, prenatal vitamins, which contain biotinessential vitamin in optimizing energy levels, muscle tone and preventing childhood diabetes, folic acidnecessary for the optimal development of the nervous system and the spine in the fetus, iron to combat anemia, iodinewhich is useful in preventing the occurrence of thyroid diseases in babies and vitamin B complexwhich supports the growth and harmonious development of the fetus.

As for the healthy and balanced diet, it must include various fruits and vegetables, of which the most recommended are: broccoli, dried beans, bananas or cereals, also supported by an optimal level of hydration.

Because during pregnancy, the body retains water in the tissues, it is recommended to drink 2.5-3 liters of liquids, including teas prescribed by the doctor or natural juices of carrots, apples or citrus fruits to calm morning sickness.

In addition, it is recommended that the healthy lifestyle be complemented by moderate exercise, walks, Yoga or Pilates exercises that help stimulate the level of antibodies and strengthen the muscles, thus preparing the body for an easier birth.