Is sex allowed during pregnancy?

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When abstinence is recommended

In some situations, doctors recommend abstinence to the pregnant woman, to exclude possible risks. Thus, sexual relations are contraindicated during pregnancy when there is vaginal bleeding, risk of spontaneous abortion or premature birth, complications such as placenta praevia (low insertion of the placenta), multiple pregnancy (twins, triplets), premature rupture of membranes, contractions or dilation cervix. Also, abstinence is recommended if the partner is a carrier of a sexually transmitted disease.

Libido is affected by hormonal changes

It is good to know that during the 9 months of pregnancy, the woman’s libido varies due to hormonal reasons. Thus, the first trimester of pregnancy is marked especially by fatigue, morning sickness, and the breasts enlarge and become painful to the touch, which can explain why during this period the expectant mother does not really like sex. Instead, in the second trimester, in most women, sexual desire increases. In addition, the specific transformations of pregnancy, such as the increase in blood flow in the pelvic area, can accentuate the woman’s pleasant sensations during sexual contact. As the pregnancy approaches the term, the sexual desire may decrease in the case of both partners.

Is it risky for the baby?

Sometimes, men fear that sexual intercourse will harm the fetus, which inhibits their sexual desire. Such a fear is unjustified, say the doctors, because the child is protected by the amniotic sac, the walls of the uterus and the mucus that plugs the cervix. Another myth is that sexual intercourse will speed up labor. There is not enough evidence to show that sexual intercourse triggers labor, although gestures such as caressing the breasts can promote the release of oxytocin, a hormone involved in the production of uterine contractions.

Which positions are not indicated

As the belly grows, it is necessary to find comfortable positions that do not overload the future mother. Thus, a comfortable position for the partner is next to each other or the woman on top of the man. Avoid those positions that press her abdomen or those that are too demanding. It is possible that she will now avoid some gestures that she used to enjoy. Thus, due to the increased sensitivity of the nipples, she may avoid having her breasts touched. In order for him not to perceive this gesture as a rejection, she must explain the reasons and show her partner other ways that excite her. Also due to hormonal changes, lubrication may be lower. A slightly longer prelude can be helpful in this situation.

It is very important that both of you are more attentive and understanding during this period, so that neither of you feels neglected or accumulates frustrations. Thus, he must take into account the physical and emotional changes that can decrease his partner’s sexual appetite. Therefore, the father-to-be must be more patient, and when she is not in the mood to make love, he must understand that her reasons are as justified as possible. Instead, it is a good opportunity to rediscover together the caresses, kisses, hugs and tender gestures that strengthen the affection between you.