Mistakes that parents must avoid

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1. Don’t panic about anything

“Many parents have exaggerated reactions when their child or children do things in play. Babies are much more resilient than we give them credit for,” explains Leon Hoffman, psychoanalyst at the Pacella Center for Children and Parents in New York.

The advice of specialists is to enjoy every act of their child, sometimes even join in their play. Some things are only done in play.

2. Don’t soothe him every time he cries

“One of the main worries of parents is that their child does not cry. This is because we associate crying with the fact that we are doing something wrong,” says Jennifer Walker, pediatric assistant.

In some cases, the crying of the little one is justified, but most of the time, the little ones use the crying as a way to get your attention. First check to see if there is a serious reason why he is crying. Don’t “jump up” every time she starts crying.

3. Properly install the child seat in the car

Any mother who has never tried something similar before may have the impression that installing a child’s car seat is a strange science. If you have determined the exact place on the back seat, check the seat several times after you have secured it well.

Even if you have secured the seat quite well, it is advisable to have another person check it, for more safety.

4. Don’t neglect dental care

“Many parents don’t think they need to take care of their child’s oral health until later,” says Saul Pressner, a dentist in New York. The child is never too young to start encouraging some oral health habits. Make sure, no matter how tired or busy you are, that he doesn’t go to bed without brushing his teeth.

5. Don’t encourage his public outbursts

Have you gone shopping with your little one, and in the middle of the store the child starts screaming, insisting and even nervously pulling the shopping cart? It is certainly not the first time that he has such “outings”. Try to talk to him about this so that he understands that he was wrong.

You can use his toys to better exemplify the mistake. And if the problem is repeated, try to ignore him for the moment, not encourage his exits or give in by giving him exactly what he wants.