This is how you prepare your body for pregnancy

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Treat your ailments Before you get pregnant, you should go to the gynecologist to have a series of tests done. He will know what treatment you need to follow, if necessary, to be a beautiful and healthy pregnant woman. And the more your body emanates energy, the more your baby will develop harmoniously.

Respect the sleeping hours

Rest at least eight hours during the night! This way you avoid stress, which is “responsible” for the decrease in the resistance of the immune system. At least three months before becoming pregnant, it is good to adopt a healthy lifestyle. You will need a lot of energy to cope with the changes your body will undergo.

Attention to food

Before you get pregnant, change your attitude towards food, especially if you are a gourmet. Fast food and dishes with a lot of fat should no longer be on your menu. Choose vegetables and fruits, especially dried ones, which are rich in iron, magnesium, potassium. Do not forget that what you eat influences the health of the fetus! On the other hand, the number of excess kilograms must be reduced. The recommendation comes from doctors, who recently discovered that pregnant women with excess fat are more likely to have a difficult pregnancy and, in addition, the baby to be more sensitive.

Forget tobacco and alcohol

If you can’t give up these vices at least half a year before you decide to get pregnant, at least do it during pregnancy! You don’t want your baby to be born prematurely or have health problems such as respiratory complications. Alcohol is equally harmful to the fetus. The little one can be born with mental and physical deficits.

Read the medicine leaflet

Both before and during pregnancy you must avoid painkillers! Headaches can also be because you don’t drink enough water. Strictly follow the doctor’s instructions and try not to take anything other than folic acid and vitamins, which are generally prescribed to expectant mothers.

If you know you have problems with your teeth, it’s good to treat them early. During pregnancy forget about painkillers and antibiotics. And in the case of natural medicines, it is good to be careful. In any case, it is best not to take any pill without the doctor’s approval, even if it is vitamins.