Phrases that parents say to their children every day


Most parents, even unwittingly, repeat certain phrases to their children every day.

The pattern is the same for this and most of the time they don’t get the expected response.

As soon as the child wakes up, the … program begins:


Teenage girl has a heated discussion with her parents.


Wash, eat, prepare

Three words, so familiar to every child that in turn they simply don’t care and follow their own rhythm.

Take care

Every time they see their child doing something other than…walking, the fear that something will happen to them, overwhelms them. This “be careful” does not stop even in the years of adulthood.

Don’t make a fuss

Children love noise and are not bothered by it, especially when provoked. Parents have a different opinion on this and several times during the day they will tell their child to be quiet.

Read, do your homework

This is the phrase that children hear many times during the school year and is the cause of constant fights.

Go to sleep

The next favorite phrase of parents is ” time to sleep” and usually follows the same response of the children: “I’m not sleepy”.


Teenage girl has a heated argument with her mother


I’ll count to three

Classic and timeless saying that at the same time hides a form of threat. When a child does something bad, the parent will say they will count to three expecting compliance within the time frame (from one to three). After all, the counting is always done slowly and with an emphasis on 1,2,3 (end).

Stop right now

There are many reasons that will prompt a parent to say this phrase almost daily. Sometimes he is right and sometimes not. However, the child’s reaction is the same, with “why?” to often go unanswered.