Popular pregnancy myths

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Popular pregnancy myths: coffee is forbidden

It’s a half-true myth, because pregnant women can still drink a cup of coffee a day without endangering the baby’s life. If you drink several coffees a day or other drinks rich in caffeine, pregnant women are at risk of having a miscarriage.

Popular myths in pregnancy: corange onsum causes jaundice

Another myth says that pregnant women who eat oranges or other yellow fruits and vegetables will give birth to a baby who will get jaundice. Well, that’s not true.

The myth that pregnant women should not be allowed to eat salmon during pregnancy is also not true. They are allowed to consume this food, because it is rich in Omega-3 fatty acids.

Popular myths in pregnancy: tyou have to eat enough for two

It’s a myth, because it’s normal to eat 2,000 calories a day during the first 6 months of pregnancy, according to doctors at the Mayo Clinic. This changes in the last 3 months when 2,300 calories are needed daily.

Popular pregnancy myths: the sex of the child, dictated by the belly

Another myth is that you can guess the sex of the baby based on the shape of the pregnant woman’s belly. Nothing more false, because the only method by which the child’s sex can be found is an ultrasound.

Popular myths in pregnancy: astomach laughs, clues about the baby’s appearance

Well, if you’ve heard that if you have heartburn in the first trimester your baby will have a lot of hair, it’s totally untrue. Burns are normal during pregnancy, because the pregnant woman’s digestion changes. Moreover, the uterus grows and presses on the stomach, causing this discomfort to the pregnant woman.