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The crisis in the institution of the family

The crisis in the institution of the family

THE marriage and family formation, perhaps the most important institutions until a few years ago. The older ones used to say: “Come on, get married, make your life betterhu!”, meaning how the meaning of life is given by the institution of marriage through the creation of a family leading to social recognition. After all, this is the purpose of man, according to the church, “increase and multiply” writes in the Old Testament.

The institution of the family seems to be losing its glamour

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Nevertheless, today the institution of the family seems to be losing its glamour, as a lot is changing around us around people’s moral values ​​and priorities. Men and women prefer to have relationships, sometimes ephemeral, sometimes longer, where marriage does not seem to be in their immediate plans at least. They can coexist enjoying their companionship and sex life while maintaining their independence. After all, one of the main reasons people got married – and at an early age – was to have a love life, since the moral values ​​surrounding the honor of a virgin woman were “A and Z”, let’s not forget how many … cocks they were slaughtered on the night of the wedding to prove the immaculate honor of the bride, images that we see in Greek movies which have very simply recorded the values ​​and moral codes of Greek society of their time. On the other hand, the pursuit of a career for both sexes again puts marriage second, even though there is cohabitation. In addition we cannot overlook and the consequences on the institution of the family due to the economic crisis that has afflicted us in previous years. End, the biological women’s clock sometimes wakes women up for having a child, where some decide to do it alone, without a stable partner – as long as they are financially independent and can – and others “running and panting” try at the last minute to go ahead with the man next to them in order to “complete” as women through motherhood. As science and technology have advanced, there are also women who prefer to freeze their eggs so that later they can – if they wish – become mothers. Somehow, the question mark arises in our mind as to whether after all the institution of marriage is crumbling in our time… There are many changes that we are experiencing in almost all areas, changes that naturally affect our lives in general, and thus also our basic values ​​in terms of the lifestyle that everyone will follow.

Even if the institution of the family goes through a crisis, seems to hold up well

However, even if the institution of the family is going through a crisis, seems to hold up well as it’s still one of the first questions asked of new social acquaintances. The need to create a family and have children is what raises IVF rates to women who somewhere…forgotten in time, but want to become mothers – either because society forces it, or because it is their own decision. And of course, we still talk about her importance of family about the raising children, how many important supplies but also little stones that build their personality, giving the feeling safety, care, acceptance, love.

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Family – The primary cell in society

It looks like the family is therefore still perhaps the primary cell in societyremaining equally important, since the main reason for its existence is the perpetuation of the species, even through different forms in today’s era (traditional-nuclear, extended, monoparental, etc.).
Don’t forget how the family is the support of every person, until a certain age at least. It’s no coincidence that we think about our childhood together with our parents then we miss them. A sweet nostalgia through images of that time and emotions flood us. And it is what we too, as much as we follow our modern times, try to reproduce in our own lives, mthrough our own family creation and passing on everything we learned from our own parents to our children…

Every person needs to belong somewhere. His first sense of “belonging” is his family. And to continue to feel beautiful inside ours family, we need somewhere to see how we are shaped today, what are our needs, our “wants”, what we claim, what we achieve but also how much we communicate with our partner, our children, even with ourselves, so that we don’t we destroy a marriage so easily anymore. Communication with your partner, honesty and care can act as a shield against the deterioration of a marriage, as long as it is a concern of both partners…

Marina Moscow
MA in Clinical Psychology – Psychotherapist

*first publication 05/15/2023


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