How pregnant women can prevent summer discomfort


A mother-to-be has every reason to enjoy the summer months, especially since she will have the diversity of maternity clothes, the market stalls that will be full of fresh vegetables and fruits, and the beautiful weather. In order to avoid various inconveniences that may occur during the heat wave, pregnant women must take into account some recommendations.


Proper hydration

The body will eliminate fluids, and exposure to the sun can cause dehydration or exhaustion. In addition, the body temperature is slightly higher in pregnant women than normal, which will cause the heat wave to produce discomfort. You can maintain a suitable body temperature by regularly consuming liquids (2 liters), such as water, orange juice, milk, but also drinks with electrolytes – those that supplement the intake of vitamins and minerals eliminated through sweat. Pregnant women can also consume fruits and vegetables rich in water (melons, cucumbers).

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The right clothes and accessories

During the summer, pregnant women absolutely need a hat, glasses and a sun umbrella, but especially loose clothes, made of airy and light materials and comfortable shoes, half a size bigger than usual . Quality fabrics let the skin breathe, help maintain a normal body temperature and prevent the development of irritations under the breasts and abdomen, otherwise a common problem faced by pregnant women. There are many models of swimsuits for pregnant women, the recommended ones are one-piece ones that protect most of the body. To prevent chafing of the inner thighs, it is recommended to massage them with a little coconut oil.

How excessive sweating can be prevented

If possible, pregnant women should at all costs avoid being in the sun between 10:00 and 17:00, when the ultraviolet rays are strongest. Summer heat can worsen the problem of sweating during pregnancy. It is recommended that pregnant women do not stay in the same place for too long, in the sun. Some solutions would be walking, turning the paw of each foot 8 times, taking a break between 30 and 60 minutes a day, reducing the salt consumption in the diet, but also avoiding the administration of diuretics. Swimming is the preferred physical activity for pregnant women, because it can protect them from the heat, the problem of sweating and the pressure of the belly.

Beware of body lotions!

Due to hormonal changes, the skin becomes much more sensitive and can burn very easily. It is good for pregnant women to avoid products with oxybenzone, an ingredient found in many sunscreens, body lotions, lip balms or lip glosses, as it helps other chemicals to be absorbed into the skin and subsequently appear in the blood flow. In addition, this chemical is known to damage cells in the body.

The International Agency for Research on Carcinogens states that titanium dioxide is another possibly carcinogenic substance when inhaled in large quantities. For this reason, pregnant women should avoid sprays as skin care products.


In the case of sunburn, products containing lidocaine (trade name: xylocaine), a local anesthetic that “cools” the skin, should be avoided. Aloe vera gel or oil from this plant can be applied, as it is suitable for skin irritations or sunburns.