rubella: Can rubella be treated with natural remedies?


Rubella is an infectious-contagious disease that can lead to multiple complications. It most often affects children between 5 and 9 years old.

Most children are vaccinated against rubella, but whatever with this virus should be kept away from pregnant women because of the risk it exposes the unborn fetus to.

In the first months of pregnancy, rubella can lead to fetal death or premature birth with birth defects. The baby may have low birth weight, enlarged liver and spleen, bone injuries, a small skull, and heart disease, and in the future, the child may develop deafness, mental retardation, thyroid disorders, or autism.

A sick person is contagious 7-10 days before the appearance of the rash and another 7 days after its disappearance.

The virus is transmitted most frequently through the respiratory system, but it can also be transmitted transplacentally from the sick mother to the fetus. People affected by rubella must stay at home during the contagious period.

If you suffer from this viral infection it is advisable to drink a lot of fluids, and herbal teas are very helpful. They can be sweetened or flavored with honey, lemon, licorice or a little mint essence.

Elder flowers, marigolds, and chamomile are a mixture indicated in the case of rubella. The infusion is made from 2 teaspoons of plants to a cup of boiling water. Sage, cumin, or sea buckthorn tea helps relieve sore throats or inflamed glands.

Chamomile and lavender can ease the irritation caused by skin rashes. Tea trees and eucalyptus, burned or vaporized, help prevent the spread of the virus. Chamomile can relieve an irritating rash or can be added to warm bath water.

The most effective method of protection is vaccination. Due to the risk of developing congenital rubella, vaccination is recommended for girls at puberty (10-14 years old), pregnant women after giving birth, and women during the fertile period.

If you are pregnant, have come into contact with rubella, or are not sure about the state of your immune system, consult your doctor.