4 rules to follow if you are over 30 and pregnant

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However, it must be taken into account, when making the choice to bring a child into the world late, that the risks of the woman having fertility problems increase with age, and, similarly, the risk of bringing a child into the world also increases with major medical problems. For women over 30, monthly obstetric consultations will be done at shorter intervals, with more careful monitoring for both mother and child. When you are no longer in the prime of life, it is not easy to become a mother, but medicine has evolved and so, if the doctor’s instructions are followed, the pregnancy can be carried to term without complications.

What can be done, however, if you end up pregnant at an age over 30? Here are some helpful tips:

1. Register with a specialist doctor and go for a periodic check-up

From the very beginning, the pregnant woman must see a specialist to be taken into account, as pregnancy in women over 30 years old has particularities related to the body of the pregnant woman and the evolution of the pregnancy. It is important to know if the pregnancy is spontaneous or through infertility treatment, if it is a single or multiple pregnancy, or if the mother had health problems before or during previous pregnancies. Depending on these characteristics, the doctor will choose the most appropriate treatment during pregnancy.

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