Home Mom babies born in March: 6 reasons why they are special !.

babies born in March: 6 reasons why they are special !.

babies born in March: 6 reasons why they are special !.
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If your child was born or will be born in March, you can consider yourself a lucky mother. And luckier! A study carried out by scientists shows that people born in spring, especially in March, have special qualities.

Leaders, optimists and born under strong zodiac signs, Pisces or Aries, they will be noted for their tact, but in terms of stubbornness, you will have something of a fork.

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This is why children born in March are special

1. They will hold management positions in corporations

Babies born in March have more chances to get the office much coveted by employees. Searches indicate that those who occupy the most positions of CEOs are born in March. A study that sampled 375 people with managerial positions showed that 12.5% ​​of them were born in March.

2. They are not prone to myopia as much as babies born in the summer

Unlike children born in June or July, babies born in March have more chances to successfully pass an ophthalmological test, and the diopters will not give them a headache.

3. They are convinced optimists

A 2014 study shows that babies born in March, as well as those born in April and May, are born optimists, if we may say so. Having high scores in terms of the active rhythm of life, those born in March look at everything with more optimism than the others.

4. They have a low risk of suffering from respiratory diseases such as asthma

Dust mites make their presence felt in abundance at this time of the year, and this can be extremely annoying for people with allergies, but it is an advantage for children born in March.

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5. They will most likely become night birds

A sleep study revealed that people born in the spring or summer usually go to bed later than those born in the fall or winter. So, expect your little one to go well past the appropriate bedtime.

6. They will be born under the sign of Aries or Pisces

The two zodiac signs are recognized for the determination and passion with which they do things. Children born between March 1 and 20 are known to be optimistic fish, and those born after March 20 are born under the sign of Aries. Aries are known for their tenacity, stubbornness, but also for the passion with which they carry out their tasks.


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