How to teach your child to bite his nails?


It is said that one child in three bites their nails. The little one bites his nails for a large number of reasons: curiosity, boredom, to relieve stress, out of habit, or to imitate behavior.

he must be motivated to give up this habit on his own initiative. A first attempt to get the child to stop biting his nails is to talk to him.

Explain to him that biting his nails puts his health at risk – both nails and hands sound dirty, so they are a gateway for all kinds of germs.

Also, the child must know that this habit can lead to the deformation of the teeth.

The more the child gnaws his nails, the softer and more brittle they become. If it is not cared for properly, the nail can deform when it grows, it can even fall off.

When the child does not realize that he is biting his nails, nagging is a totally useless strategy. If you find it a disturbing habit, try to establish some rules with the little one.

In rare cases, children bite their nails in a severe way, which can be a signal of excessive anxiety. Specialized studies show that many adults bite their nails, and they have acquired this habit since childhood.

There are some products on the market to stop the redness of the nails, very bitter products to apply on the nails. For people who bite their nails and those who don’t, applying hand cream before bed is a good way to keep skin smooth.