How do we deal with a picky eater?

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It is important to provide the family with as varied a diet as possible and to avoid one-sidedness. Those who serve the same food every day cannot offer their loved ones the recommended daily dose of 15% proteins, 30% fats, 55% carbohydrates and essential vitamins, fibers, nutrients from plants, minerals and trace elements.

How can daily meals be fun for picky kids?

For children, everything is a game, therefore, if the daily meals are not attractive enough, both visually and olfactory, they will refuse any change in their diet. Children tend to eat what they like, particularly preferring well-defined flavors.

The first step in teaching a child to eat healthy is to understand his senses. The more their senses are stimulated during the feeding process, the more open they will be to trying new foods. Moreover, children also eat with their eyes, therefore chaos on children’s plates should be avoided, they love the diversity of ingredients, but always nicely separated.

When trying to encourage children to try new things, we must also consider their limits.

In general, children tend to taste food before eating it, so parents can use this mechanism to their advantage. I can build them a rich and diversified meal, from which they can gradually try what they like, a mini test of accommodation, so that later the foods are included in the daily menus.

If the child rejects a certain food, the parents should accept its rejection and offer another one instead. Children tend to refuse part of the menu and not the whole meal. Moreover, children have a natural sense of satiety, therefore parents should respect when the child is full and avoid changing this sense.