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Why you should keep the promises you make to your children

Why you should keep the promises you make to your children

It is not unusual for parents to break promises they made to their children.

Sometimes, in reality, they cannot keep the promise, and other times, they have regretted it and hope to forget it.

Why you should always try to keep the promises you make to your children

No, the children will not suffer permanent psychological trauma because you, their parents, didn’t keep (or consistently don’t keep) many of the promises you make, but instinctively they might learn not to trust you anymore.

  • Children learn everything from you – including your flaws. If you want to instill respect, integrity and trust, you must first lead by example.
  • When you break a promise – and it happens again and again – children learn that the things they say don’t always have to be true. They may agree to something to please someone or to defuse a situation.
  • When you don’t try to keep your promises, “I promise” becomes the most common lie. And you definitely don’t want that for your kids.
  • Children learn from a very young age to depend on their parents and part of this comes from feeling that their needs and requests are being met. If you constantly go back on the promises you’ve made, along with learning to lie, they’ll also learn to distrust you in general.

It is important that parents do not make promises to their children that they cannot keep.


Self respect

Children can internalize deeply negative thoughts about themselves based on how you treat them. Dismissing their wishes and your promises can make your children feel invisible. As a result, they may develop low self-esteem and have trouble connecting emotionally with other friends.

On the other hand, a child who sees his parents keeping their promises feels respected and listened to.

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