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Mom, your time is precious

Mom, your time is precious

They grow up so fast and you have to live every moment, every minute and every second with them.

Surely you’ve heard this phrase a million times, haven’t you? The unwashed clothes, the unwashed dishes, the dirty floor – everything can wait.

These tiny babies are precious and the days fly by. Must to spend time with your children, to cherish these moments before they are gone.

And those who say so are right – the days go by fast. No one can deny that. In the blink of an eye and they’ve grown even taller, they’ve conquered yet another goal. These moments are precious.

But you know what else is also valuable? Your time!

You have 24 hours in every day, but somehow they go by without you doing anything for yourself. Mornings are full of chaos: you prepare breakfast, snacks, fill buckets with water and shout for them to put on shoes. Your afternoons are full of itineraries and activities. Your evenings are full of cooking, stories and hugs.

And these are just the things you do for your children. We don’t include the time you spend at the office, at the supermarket, at doctor’s appointments, ironing and the list goes on. The days you want to dedicate to your “self-care” take a walk before you really think about them.

The icing on the cake? In all of the above that is? The internet wants all of the above you do to receive it as… selfcare aka self care.

Did you take a bath today? Self care.

Did you enjoy your breakfast? Self care.

Did you go to bed on time? Self care.


Sure, these things make you feel good. It is important to be clean, eat well and of course sleep a lot. But self-care? Definitely no. All of this is not self-care. These are things that every human being needs.

Self-care is being able to soak in your bathtub for an hour, undisturbed, while you read your favorite book and drink a glass of wine. Self care is being able to drink a cold coffee while going to the salon to get your hair done. Self-care is an afternoon at the movies with your husband, eating a big bag of crisps and drinking an XL soda. Self-care is being able to watch 5 episodes of your favorite series. Exercising in the gym is self-care.

Self-care means meeting your own needs and remember to put yourself at the top of your to-do list. Before a mother can fill her children’s glass, she must have filled her own first. The happiness of the mother is also important for the happiness of the children. That alone will make you a better mom.

What outsiders usually say about your children? Well… that goes for you too.

So find time before the years go by and you start wondering who you are without your children. Invest in your health. Your mental and spiritual health. Prioritize relationships with people close to you: spouse, parents, siblings, friends.

You have value, Mom. Make yourself a priority on your daily to-do list, because years are precious and yes, they do go by fast.

*free translation
source: mother.ly


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