Tips for moms: The spaghetti strainer has more uses than you think


If you only use the colander to drain pasta, it’s time to learn more uses for this kitchen utensil.

Let’s see how and in which cases the strainer is particularly practical.


Are you tired of cleaning the kitchen from oil splatter? The solution is simple: Cover the pan or pot with the colander upside down. No steam is created as heat escapes from the holes while the strainer ‘traps’ the splash. Don’t forget to hold the colander with your bare hand because you will get burned. Use an oven mitt or towel to remove it.


Woman tastes the food she is cooking in the pan.

Bath toy

After each bath your child collects the toys in a large colander, rinse them and let them drain before storing them until next time.

Steamed rice

For perfect fluffy rice, use a colander. Rinse the rice in a metal colander with plenty of water, then boil it in salted water for five minutes. Once the rice is ready put it back in the colander. Refill the pot with a little water and bring to a boil, lower the heat, then place the strainer with the rice on top of the simmering pot. Cover with aluminum foil and let the rice steam for 10 minutes.

Fresh Kale In A Colander Ready To Be Cooked

Wash the vegetables in a colander.


Washing fruits and vegetables

The best way to thoroughly wash your fruits and vegetables is with a colander. Pour in plenty of running water, gently shake the colander to rinse them thoroughly and let them drain.


In the spring and summer, flies and bugs lurk, so to protect her food, place a strainer on the plate you have on the balcony.

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