Nutrition after birth. What should a new mother eat?

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Although it is not much different from the nutrition before birth, the one after is designed so that the benefits are felt by both the little one and the mother’s body. It is important that the food consumed provides the mother with the nutrients she needs, but also the strength and energy to cope with the new schedule imposed, for the most part, by the child.

After a natural birth, the body is exhausted, and the lack of sleep and regular meals can further unbalance the mother’s metabolism. Therefore, it is necessary for her to consume several meals throughout the day, so that the necessary number of calories is reached. Only in this way will the mother be able to take care of the little one and herself.

Find out below what the postpartum diet should contain. What should the new mother eat:

No frying or bubbling food

After giving birth, the woman must not include in her diet the foods that can bloat the little one: beans, broccoli, cabbage, cauliflower, onions, turnips, cucumbers and peas. She must also avoid spicy, spicy foods (garlic, chilli, pepper) or smoking, as they can change the taste of the milk.

It is equally important that the new mother does not consume foods or drinks that contain caffeine (they can agitate the child), but also citrus fruits. Explication? Specialists say that, in some cases, fruits with a high vitamin C content are not well tolerated by the child’s body. The category of forbidden foods also includes fried foods, which can cause the mother’s stomach discomfort.

As many fruits, vegetables and greens as possible

Vegetables and fruits and greens cooked in various combinations should not be missing from the woman’s diet. During breastfeeding, the woman will have to have a diversified diet, which will ensure the necessary protein, minerals and vitamins that the body needs during this period.

Unlike other cooking methods, steaming brings the most benefits when it comes to preserving as many nutrients as possible. The diet after birth, implicitly during breastfeeding, must include: dairy products (milk, yogurt, cheese), meat (tomato, poultry, fish), eggs, nuts, bread, cereals, rice, pasta. Sweets and fats should be consumed in small quantities.

Other tips about nutrition after birth. What should the new mother eat:

– include simple and easy-to-digest foods, such as soups, rice, vegetable stew, in the zilncă diet; – consume as much liquid as possible. Due to lack of time, many mothers forget to drink water, which can lead to dehydration. During breastfeeding, fennel infusion helps the production of breast milk (1-2 teaspoons of seeds per cup of hot water, drink no more than two cups of infusion per day). – dried fruits, which contain a greater amount of iron, but also foods rich in folic acid bring benefits in the case of breastfeeding; – avoid fast food, pastry, and semi-prepared foods as much as possible.