How do we talk to children about sexuality?

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When it comes to your own child, you want him to lead an ideal life: eat healthy, read, do sports. As for sex and how children are made, let him find out when he is already an adult. It is good to be aware that children’s need to learn about their sexuality differs according to age.

For example, a five-year-old child who asks “mommy, how did I appear?” we will explain to him in words that he can understand, but without distorting the reality. On the other hand, if the children become far too curious, you can tell them that there are details related to their sexuality that it is good for them to discover on their own, along the way.

Then, talking to them about sexuality is not the same as telling them about our own sex life. After the discussion, the child must acquire some fundamental information, such as the correct name of the female and male genital parts: vulva, vagina, penis. The child must understand how “things” go between two adults who have an intimate relationship.