Supernanny with tips for parents who want to get rid of their children’s negative behaviors

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From episode number 6 of the Supernanny show, broadcast on Prima TV, Saturday, April 24, parents can learn how to deal with nervous breakdowns, crying over everything and how to speak the same language with the other parent, without face-to-face contradictions with the children.

The toy car in the plate with food.

Screams at mealtime.

Brothers who fight each other for any reason.

Refusals at bedtime, snoozing and negotiations.

This is what the atmosphere looks like in the family of Tatiana and Nicolas, the protagonists of episode number 6 of the Supernanny show, the parents of two wonderful children, Theo (2 years old) and Manu (5 years old). Because the two parents are no longer able to find solutions and impose themselves in front of the children, so that they listen, they turned to the help of Supernanny, i.e. to the advice of Urania Cremene, parenting expert and author of the All About Parenting methodology. Once she arrived at their house in the French Quarter of Bucharest, Urania Cremene first noticed the dynamics of the family and pointed out a number of things that need to be improved. So he proposed changes that they would work on together, for a week, to bring peace to the house and balance in the relationship with the children.

First, it is essential that the two parents agree on some rules and reach a common denominator, even if they have different opinions on a certain subject. More precisely, Supernanny advised them to stop contradicting themselves with the little ones when it comes to the rules of the house established for children.

Secondly, they worked together to obtain cooperation and to give up negotiations with the children, threats or punishments or tears. And the first step was setting boundaries with firmness and warmth. At this point, the two parents understood that being firm does not mean being severe, because firmness is accompanied by warmth, while severity comes with fear and suffering.

In the third line, Tatiana worked on the feeling of guilt. More precisely, she understood that the children’s crying is a message and is not a reason for her to feel like a “bad mother” for her children. She understood that beyond any negative behavior of children, including crying, there is a greater need that must be fulfilled.

But all these are just some of the wonderful things that Tatiana and Nicolas learned for a week.

What other advice and valuable lessons Urania Cremene offered, you can find out in episode number 6 of the Supernanny show, Saturday from 8:00 p.m., on Prima TV.